Brandon Finn

Product Designer, 2011-2020

With 10 years as a Product Designer, I have lead every element of the UX, UI, UR and Product Design processes, while working closely with all stake holders at the C-Level. I have built design systems with Sketch, Figma, XD, Invision DSM and Storybook.JS, implemented User Research plans from scratch for emerging technologies, and recruited junior designers and UX researchers whom I led and managed through successful launch and growth of several products over the past decade.


Sonia AI

Head of Product Design, 2017-2020

Sonia is a meeting assistant that records, transcribes and summarizes conference calls. Sonia utilizes proprietary Artificial Intelligence models to produce best-in-class meeting summaries for its users.



Lead UX / UI Design Mobile, 2017

Modavou was a social e-commerce platform utilizing influencer content to sell products directly to consumers. Modavou was acquired by in 2017.


Lead UX / UI Design Mobile, 2015-2017

Skulpt is a IoT device used to measure your body fat percentage and get a personalized workout plan to burn fat and build muscle.



Senior UX / UI Design Mobile, 2013-2015

A mobile first conference calling solution for business, with its own multi-channel VOIP network. Clementine was acquired by Dropbox in 2015.



UX / UI Design Mobile, 2011-2013

Aloha was one the first location based social networks, leveraging the facebook friend graph to introduce you to mutual friends in the same location as you.